How to Clean Gutters


One of the risky and tedious chores is gutter cleaning. It may take time to clean gutters properly. It is not surprising that most homeowners postpone cleaning their gutters unless a problem arises. The recommended number of times that gutters should be washed annually is twice. You should wash the spring season immediately begins so that you can clear out any leftover debris that stuck during winter. The second time should be before heavy rains have poured. The reason is that all falling sticks and leaves need to be removed from the gutter system. You should practice precautionary measures when cleaning your gutters. Always have it in mind that gutter cleaning is a potentially risky activity.

Before you start Gutter Cleaning Bellevue process, you should assemble all necessary gutter cleaning materials before you start. You need to assemble things like a ladder, a pair of thick, sturdy gloves, a bucket with a hook, water hose and gutter scoop. Other alternative materials can also be used to clean gutters. Initially, you should gain access to the gutter system. Do this with a lot of caution and awareness. Make sure that the ladder has been placed well against the wall or the edge of the roof. The ladder should not be leaned against the gutter system considering that the ladder is very weak. The base of the ladder should be s a solid ground. In every four feet high, the ladder should be a foot away from the side of the house. You should always face forward as you move up the ladder while holding it with at least one hand.

Carry along the materials you will need before you climb the ladder. Make sure that your gloves are on. You can put the scoop and the hook in the bucket. Ensure that the bucket is hung on the forearm in such a way that you can use both hands. Upon climbing, you can place the hook on a rung in front of the ladder in such a way that the bucket is accessible. You can then hang the bucket from the hook. At this juncture, you can start removing accumulated debris from the gutters. Use a gutter scoop to collect more debris with every swipe. Sometimes people use hands to scoop the debris though the gloves should be strictly on. The dirt and waste should then be put in the empty bucket. After removing the debris, you can then test run it using a garden hose which will also be cleaning through the dust and other small particles. Rinse with water properly from hose pipe as you check for any clogs. Ensure the slope of the gutter steep enough to avoid accumulation of water pools.  With these tips, now you have a clue on what goes on. Get Bellevue Window Cleaning Service today!


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